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Ask an Infantryman: Would you do it again?

Almost unbelievable SecDef Rumors Continue

I tend to ignore the rumor mill unless I think we may need discuss the potential.  This might be the time, partially, because the administration is staying true to course and the rumor makes sense.  And I've heard it from three credible and disparate sources.

Most everyone understands that Secretary Gates tenure is going to be relatively short.  12 to 18 months.  No one should be shocked by that. 

Who is at the top of the list to replace him?

General Petreaus?  Sam Nunn?  Barry McCaffrey?  *cough* Wes Clark?

Well, our own Mr. Wolf's take is that the administration put a tax cheat in charge of the Treasury so why not put a man who betrayed the military in charge of the militaryThe same man who denigrated the military not too long ago just might end up in charge of the military.


John Forbes Kerry


Troops in Iraq respond to John Forbes Kerry's assertions that they are stuck there because they are uneducated...


So halp demm Jon Carry...!!!