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The Obamas Don't Get Military Families...

...over at Villainous Company:

...The Obamas need to stop lying about matters easily rebutted by even a cursory examination of the public record. Their dishonest and self-serving portrayal of the Bush record with regard to military families is intended to provide political cover for reneging on long-standing promises made to military veterans. These people honestly think we're stupid enough to be deceived by blatantly dishonest lip service while our hard-won benefits are gutted to fund a wholesale war on the very way of life our loved ones fight and die to protect...

Last summer, the Army Times had an article on, then candidate, Barack Obama's meeting with military families.  I'll never forget one Marine LtCol's wife who was quoted by the Times that Obama's meeting was the first time that she thought anyone cared about her.  I remember feeling sorry for her husband...and the spouses of his troops.

The victimization of our military has got to stop.  The support, real support, of the military has got to start.  Deeds, not words, Mr. President.  You can't have a presser about increasing military benefits and, at the same time, try to make vets pay for their service related injuries via private insurance.