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The difference...

The Real Revo has put up a video showing the difference between the reactions of the Marines at Camp Lejeune to George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama.

Update:  Mr. Wolf sends this clip of Soldiers and the former President:

And Amy Proctor wrote about the tepid response to the current President on her blog here.

Update 2:  Reader John corrected me that Bush was in Iraq and Obama was at Lejeune. I have struck out the incorrect part about Lejeune (in order to show the error and correction).

Update 3:  Some people are now accusing me of a smear job.  I corrected the above statement about Lejeune as soon as I could.  Besides, I don't think the fact that the party of the President really matters in discussions on whether the troops like him or not.  That said.  The current president has a lot of deeds to make happen in order to overcome his words:

I mean, come on, would YOU want to work for a boss that has that kind of appreciation for you and your brothers blood?