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First up, I am a bit late with this, but... 

We all know of many efforts to support the troops.  Letters, care packages, gear, and more regularly go out to let those who put it on the line know we think and care.  Imagine a group of soldiers saying, in essence, "Thanks, but we want to do for you."  That's exactly what you have with the outstanding crew at FOB Bermel and the 2/2 ETT.  They want to pay it forward, and to do so they are selling some awesome shirts and each sale sends $5.00 to Soldiers' Angels. Meantime, be sure to add Afghanistan Shrugged to your blogroll. 

Second, a little birdie told me that Michael Z. Williamson's Better to Beg Forgiveness is now out in paperback.  I will also tell you that I just finished reading his forthcoming Contact with Chaos, which will be on sale soon, and I loved it.  Longer review coming up at the end of the month. For those of you who can't wait, or are downrange, you can get new books from Baen via WebScription or check out the Free Library