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Small Wars Journal Invitational on the Surge and New Media

Dave Dilegge, one of the editors of Small Wars Journal, writes:

Andrew Exum’s post / review of Tom Ricks’ The Gamble several weeks ago at Abu Muqawama got me thinking (once again) about the impact of the “new media” on issues concerning national security, military doctrine and concept development, as well as lessons learned. As one part of this new media I’m not sure I fully grasp our influence – though I am often told we are, quote – “making a difference”...

He has posted responses he solicited from Spencer Ackerman, Tom Barnett, Janine Davidson, Andrew Exum, myself, Judah Grunstein, Dave Kilcullen, Raymond Pritchett, Mark Safranski, Herschel Smith, Starbuck, Michael Tanji, and Michael Yon. 

Insofar as Dave is trying to judge his influence, he might look at his own list:  at least a few of those names are men of first-class minds, great experience in this very hard business, or both.  (Others of us are merely honored to be included.)  Read what they have to say, and tell us what you have to say.