Brothers at War: Part 1 of an Interview with Jake Rademacher
So Wrong, Yet So Good

Obama's war or America's war?

I have resisted the meme of Obama's War for Afghanistan on principle. I believe that we as a country elect our leaders and accept the consequences of that. So our wars are America's not one man's.

I will accept the term for Obama's acceptance of the responsibility he now takes on in reinforcing our efforts in Afghanistan. The war remains ours, the decision to add forces is his. Also his is a responsibility I hold higher than any other a US President can make, to only commit our forces in the pursuit of victory. There may be tactical situations where good men die and we don't push all in. But this is a big choice and it needs to be an informed decision to defeat Taliban extremism and allow some form of democracy to flourish there.

If we had chosen the Derbyshirean "rubble doesn't make trouble" then we could do that with even fewer ground troops than we had. But this reinforcement means we have taken a more difficult path, a Long War perspective and I will hold this President to that. This effort will not conclude during his term or perhaps even in a second one. If we are going to create more stability than we must stay and help with that. We must help build an Afghan Army several hundred thousands larger and loyal to a central government that has a minimal level of trust from the populace. We must force the State Department to send it's people outside the wire and engage them with the people. And we must assume we will do this with no significant international help.

Quite a challenge and one which I hope our President understands and doesn't back away from when his left wing starts howling. Here was my advice and proscriptions prior to this decision.