Are You F'ing Serious?!
I am definitely Simon Jester

Obama did promise to invade Pakistan right?

Noah Shactman is reading tea leaves about the new plan for Afghanistan, Pakistan and the rest of that shangri-la. He thinks they are hinting about some possible boots on the ground action on the Pakistan side of that imaginary line in the mountains. As I recall the banditos of ass at the NY Times already fronted out some folks doing their jobs over there causing another of my stints as Press Secretary. Here is some of Mr. Shactman's brain storming.

White House Won't Rule Out Troops for Pakistan War

President Obama has just laid out his new war strategy. And he's made
it clear that the fight is both in Afghanistan and Pakistan. So I
asked Dennis McDonough, with the National Security Council: Does that
mean U.S. ground forces in Pakistan? Or more drone attacks? "I'm not
going to comment on the notions you laid out there," he answered,
during a White House conference call with bloggers.

But during a separate press conference, Bruce Reidel, who recently
completed a strategy review of the region for the White House, offered
some hints. "Thus far, our policy sees Afghanistan and Pakistan as two
countries, but one theater of operations for our diplomacy, and one
challenge for our overall policy," he said. "We have very concrete
proposals for increasing economic assistance to Pakistan, proposals
that have already been put forward by the Congress. We're also looking
at what we can do on the military side."