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Now you done pissed off COB6

The current disgraceful talk by President Obama and his administration has pushed COB6 as far as he is willing to go. He calls for accountability at the top.

President Obama wants to charge combat wounded veterans for care to save $500 million while simultaneously GRANTING $900 million to terrorist in Palestine to recover from the beat down that they sorely deserved.

I know whose side I am on, do you?

To General Shinseki I say RESIGN NOW. This is the only possible way to preserve your integrity as a soldier’s soldier. To do anything less is to slap the face of every wounded warrior and leave yourself as nothing more than a liar and pathetic political hack.

I don’t call for you resignation because of any malfeasance that you did but as a principled position against this atrocity and solidarity with the soldiers that you once commanded.

Please Sir, You Must RESIGN, RIGHT NOW!

COB6 served under Gen. Shinseki as an officer in the 1st Cavalry Division and had a decent opinion of him as a soldier's officer but the efforts to throw our troops under Obama's bus have forced him to make this call.