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Milblog Recipe Request

Hey, folks, here is a GREAT way to contribute even these difficult economic times.

Some very awesome people are putting a cookbook together to assist  Honor Their Service, inc., which is the home of such great projects as Operation Fresh Air and Operation Santa at our military hospitals.

They need submissions from milbloggers and commenters alike in all catagories (appetizers, sides, salads, soups, main dishes, desserts, drinks, etc.).  My Blackfive Turkey recipe should not be included, but Mrs. Blackfive has agreed to let one or two of her patented, trade-marked, copyrighted, and LoJacked recipes to be included.

The cookbook will be made available for sale after the collection of recipes and printing cost is negotiated...maybe even in time for the Annual MilBlog Conference this April.  Honor Their Service puts together some great events at low costs so I wouldn't expect the cost to preclude anyone from getting a copy.

Send your recipes (and any questions you might have) to [email protected].

They are accepting recipes from until March 9th 16th.