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"Man-caused Disasters" complicate "Overseas Contingency Operations"

Anyone who thought the new administration wasn't serious about fighting terrorism better just sit down and STFU! The new sheriff and his gang of euphemizers who won't discuss shooting straight have shown their mettle. They will put the fear of God Allah Teleprompter Jesus into those Islamist terrorists Disaster causing men overseas who keep blowing up  creating localized incidents of an explosive nature where innocents are slaughtered inconvenienced in a big way.

WTF people? Do they really think they can change a few words and all of a sudden we are no longer at war with deranged devotees of Islam who are pretty sure what they are up to. They have no qualms about their Global Jihad to impose Sharia law and create a new Caliphate. Sorry for the straight talk there I wouldn't want to offend anyone or make them feel uncomfortable.

I wish this wasn't symptomatic of the mindset of our moral betters on the left, but I have lived among them enough to know that they really believe the bad guys are simply chafed that we call them what they are names. And if we would quit classifying people who do evil things as evil then we wouldn't have to hear the word evil and voila bunnies, unicorns and decaf soy lattes for everyone. To call them dangerously naive is an understatement and these are the folks who are going to negotiate with Ahm-a-nuttah-job, Putin and the Chinese? We are in deep shite.