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Wounded sergeant greets his soldiers
By Amanda Kim Stairrett
Killeen Daily Herald

FORT HOOD – Luis Rosa-Valentin got something Tuesday morning he's wanted since arising from a coma nearly a year ago.

"Sgt. Rosa! Rejoin your formation!"

Steadied by a friend, he rose from his wheelchair and stepped onto the brown grass toward 200 uniformed soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team. Excited chattering came to a halt as heads turned and a knowing silence fell over the crowd.

This audience knew what was happening. People were more than willing to forgo their reunions for a few minutes so one soldier could have his.

Staff Sgt. Luis Rosa-Valentin was there to check on his guys.

He lost two legs, part of his left arm, his hearing and some of his sight to an explosively formed projectile – a hardcore roadside bomb – but Luis wanted to see that his guys were OK and he came all the way from Maryland to make sure of it.

They were some of his first concerns after coming out of a two-week-long coma, his wife, America, said. Luis wasn't worried about himself. His biggest worry was that the guys saw him get hurt and how that affected them...

Be sure to read the whole piece.