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Greatest Armaments Music Video Ever

I have a lot of respect for Noah Shactman, but sometimes he just completely blows a call. At Danger Room he is discussing the amazing production put together by Israeli Arms manufacturer Rafael to wow potential buyers from India. Completely missing the brilliance he spouts some Yiddish and goes all playa hata.

Every element of the promotional film is just plain wrong. The sari-clad, "Indian" dancers look all too ashkenaz and zaftig. The unshaven, hawk-nosed, leather-clad leading man appears to be a refugee from You Don't Mess With the Zohan. Then of course, there's the implication that the Indian military is somehow like a helpless woman who "need(s) to feel safe and sheltered."

Zaftig? FFS Noah women are allowed to have curves you bastard. I saw plenty of booty I wanted to smack around, and they are prancing around modern, precision-strike, weaponry. That is Hot, Hot, Hot! Did I mention these were Israeli chicks all tarted up to look like Indian chicks and there were missiles and stuff. How dare he notice that Adam Sandler's country cousin was even there doing a miserable Wedding Singer. I say more horrible songs about the love two countries can share while discussing millions of dollars of whispering death surrounded by ass-shaking hotties. Oh Hell, just watch for yourself and be enchanted. And then hate me for doing this to you.