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Face of America Ride Needs Urgent Help

One of the reasons I like the Face of America bicycle ride is that pretty much anyone who wants to participate can do so.  The funds raised go to getting bikes and providing transportation for the wounded.  When people promise to cover transportation, it means that more can go into adaptive bikes, into improving the quality of food provided, and doing more of the nice things for the riders at this and other rides supported by World TEAM Sports. 

This year, we have a problem.  Short version (go read full post here), American Airlines has backed out on providing the transportation they promised.  We need to come up with roughly $7,500.00 to cover the costs of transportation already promised to participants based on AA's (non) commitment. 

If you know a company or someone willing to help, let me know and I will get you in touch with the right people.  You can also donate here (note that it is for airfare if you like) or you can donate the funds via Team Chuck Z

If you are an airline who wants to score some tax deductible brownie points at the expense of American, contact me and we will make it happen.  I will even sweeten the deal and donate up to 20 hours of my consulting time to help you milk it for all it is worth.