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Douche of the Week- Greg Gutfeld

Red Eye on FOX is occasionally hilarious and provides a perfect venue for Patty Anne Brown to flex her potty mouth. But the problem with any show hosted by a narcissistic runt is he will eventually step out of his pee wee league. That was Greg Gutfeld this week talking smack about the Canadian military. They appear to be prepping to take an operational break to rest and refit and Gut-less-feld seems to feel this opens them up to his weak ass mockery. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working or fighting with our northern neighbors would immediately know what a douche Gutfeld is. The Canadians kick ass and have sent plenty of jihadis on to their 72 Goat reward. Although he didn't know it when he was running his cake, his timing was even more excremental as the Canadians lost four men Friday in A-stan. So  get back in your high chair Greg and have a big heapin' spoonful of STFU! h/t reader Sarah