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"The guys that died there were my friends."

CPL Ayers Silver Star & Memorial Celebration

Along with McQ, who did a great write up of the event, I attended the celebration in Snellville GA to award the Silver Star to the family of CPL Jon Ayers. The weekend began when COL Ostlund, the former BN. Cdr of 2nd of the 503rd held a party at his house on Ft. Benning. About 40 or 50 current and former 173 ABN paratroopers were there and it was great to see them all re-connect. When we pulled into the high school in Snellville the next day the parking lot was lined with Patriot Guard Riders holding flags. The gymnasium was packed and as McQ mentioned the parents has asked for a celebration, not a wake and they got it. Here is some video from the event and some pictures below the fold. Also got to meet commenter Jarhead Dad and his Jarhead, good to see you.


Patriot Guard Riders

Members of Chosen Company 2nd of the 503rd