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Brothers at War: Part 2 of an Interview with Jake Rademacher

Here is Part Two of my phone interview with Jake Rademacher, the man behind Brothers at War.  The audio is good, if I say so myself, which just shows what you can do with some hundred mile an hour tape and mobile phones when you need to do something rather quickly. 

There is a good bit more discussion today of the behind-the-scenes items, including a rather frank discussion of the distribution, what it will take to get it into wider distribution, and what you can do to help with same. 

We have also discussed a follow-on interview for after the movie is out and things calmed down, looking at his journey that took him from a dream of West Point to Hollywood -- and how that led up to where we are. 

I highly recommend the movie, and it is well worth a two (or more even) hour drive to go see it.  If it is not in your city, he talks about how you can get it there.