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The Army Surge to Prevent Suicides

Angry paranoid dwarf calls right angry and paranoid

But not dwarvish. Deranged Clintonite Robert Reich fears the coming mobs with pitchforks and torches who will storm the White House if the Obama's cunning plan to keep tossing bales of $100 bills on the fire doesn't work out.

Republicans have made no secret of their wish to blame Obama for the bad economy, and to stir up as much populist rage against his so-called socialist tendencies as politically possible. History shows how effective demagogic ravings can be when a public is stressed economically. Make no mistake: Angry right-wing populism lurks just below the surface of the terrible American economy, ready to be launched not only at Obama but also at liberals, intellectuals, gays, blacks, Jews, the mainstream media, coastal elites, crypto socialists, and any other potential target of paranoid opportunity.

Great blistering Jesus this guy has an amazing ability to project. The left is far and away the holder of more biases and hatreds than the right can manage. You can start with their self-appointment as the cultural and moral elites blessed with greater understanding and compassion standing against the hordes of mouth-breathing morons clinging bitterly to their guns and religion. Ooops channeling the Obama there for a minute. Liberals love to demonize anyone not as soft-hearted and mushy-brained as they are, but they fail to notice that the love they bestow often has the opposite effect they intended. See the expansion of the welfare state and the displacement of the father in minority communities, or the threats to sue mortgage lenders for redlining and not making loans to the same folks based on the dead, white male concept of doing the freaking math. Now we have seen the collapse of the whole mortgage industry and the BS Fannie and Freddie who facilitated all those loans to people who couldn't afford them. Once the rules were gamed to help minority home ownership, then the whole country took advantage of a system gone wild and moved one house too far up the food chain.

Take a Xanax and put on some ambien(t) music Robbie. The hordes may protest, but unlike the left will do so with decorum and intelligence (See the Tea Party phenomenon). I was at the DC event and all the savages were neatly dressed, clean and making cogent arguments about you and your friends mortgaging our children's future to pay for left wing butthead causes you couldn't get passed otherwise. Never let a good crisis go to waste, eh Rahm?

I will take the proles on the right over the dirty, nasty patchouli-smelling hippies who form the cohorts of the MoveOn left. And give me Rush any day over the failed droolers who whined their way into bankruptcy at Air America. So bugger off Mr. Reich, return to your mid-town Manhattan, limousine liberal existence and keep swatting at bugbears that do not exist. The rest of us will get about the business of making sure you idiots don't kill the golden goose you are now molesting.