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Ok, now normally I don't get into these kinda mixes.  But today, something was announced and unveiled that just seems so totally, totally, well, inept is what I'd call it.

The US Mint announced today that they are releasing 4 new Lincoln pennies to observe both the 200th anniversary of his birth, and the 100th anniversary of Lincoln pennies (Indian head pennies preceded Lincoln ones.)

Its the designs selected for the REVERSE of the new penny I'm objecting to.  Does this make me a numismatist?  Um, no.  But go look it up anyway.

3 of the 4 new designs are cool.  The first, his birthplace cabin in Kentucky, the second, sitting on a log as a boy preparing his lessons (who here never learned that he did homework on the back of a shovel?  Besides you, Sparky)  and the third, standing before the Illinois capitol as a state representative.  These, I think, easily identify with Lincoln.

Its the 4th one I am scratching my head over-  the one below:


Who here can identify with Lincoln as the guy who was president during construction of Capitol Building?
I certainly can't.  I mean, I know when he served (1861-1865) but there are FAR more relevant things about his presidency, that deserve to be on a COIN, than this.

What about, say, the famous debates with Douglas? 
Maybe, put something relevant about the Civil War on the reverse.
How about something even more relevant and important- his ties to ending slavery?
Or how about this- something that every numismatist can appreciate- printing the entire Gettysburg address on the reverse?  Its certainly possible- and would be cool, to boot.

But an unfinished Capitol?  Gimme a break.  The only 'unfinished' item that ever made sense to me was the Death Star.  But, that would havta be on the back of Reagan's coin.  Heck, it would be far more relevant than THIS.

To those at the Mint, let's re-think this a wee bit. 

Mr Wolf

ps.. and NO comments about putting BHO on the reverse.  Nope.  Will delete those.