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Panetta got paid $700k? Good for him

Good Lord people, can we pick our battles a little more carefully. News that Leon Panetta got paid actual big money causes him to be targeted. C'mon, there are plenty of seriously compromised let's pile on Geithner who is a tax cheat, or Holder who helped pardon terrorist killers. Panetta got paid money for doing work and there are maybe some tenuous ties that could point to national security firms. Who freakin' cares. Anyone with any useable knowledge about any part of government had to get paid by somebody. So he made $700k in a year. That is a lot of money, again so what? In America you get paid more if you have skills or connections, Panetta has both. Getting paid for your work is supposed to be a good thing. Do we want to have to hire low rent losers in the next Republican administration? Next freakin' slide please.