Oprah visits Walter Reed
Does This Pass The Smell Test?

Mastercard Commercial I'd like to see: Priceless

Amount of time spent in the military: 10+ years

Time spent away from family while on duty: 3+ years

Improvised Explosive device: $9

Special software and computers for you to type with because part of your left hand has been amputated, there is nerve damage to your left hand, there are skin grafts on 20% of your body, you have traumatic brain injury, and you have multiple shrapnel scars: $5,000

Setting up a blog: $10/month per year

Being patronized and condescended to by the readers you have sacrificed so much for: Priceless.

Chuck, with the utmost respect, I humbly beg to differ with you. I am deeply sorry that you were severely wounded, for nothing, for a country that doesn't give a !@#$. I am deeply sorry that over 4,000 of the finest men and women of this finest country in the world died, for nothing, and that tens of thousands of lives connected to theirs were forever diminished by the loss of their loved ones. Iraq is Vietnam all over again. We tried to intervene and it didn't work. How many tens of thousands of American lives were lost in Vietnam and what was that sacrifice for...nothing. Believe me, if a son or a daughter of mine were killed or wounded in Iraq, I would be at my wits' end...wondering why, what was the point, did my child die in vain and the answer would be, unfortunately, yes. I cannot tell the future but I firmly believe that Iraq will not emerge as a free republic or democracy, Iran and Syria will see to that. What do you envision for Iraq in, say, 2025 or 2030? Yeah, Saddam Hussein was an asshat douchebag but no real threat to us. I voted for George W. Bush both times, the 2nd time because I thought that it was a bad idea to change horses mid-stream and John Kerry is a piece of shit. But in the last 4 years, I slowly came to deeply loathe Bush and his entire cabinet because of what he did to you and every other soldier sent to Iraq, based on lies. McCain said it, your damaged body was nothing but a damned photo op for him. I have nothing but the highest respect for you and all of our military, I've contributed to you when you were wounded, Valour IT, Fisher House etc. I just think you all were sold a bull!@#$ bill of goods by a bunch of stuffed suits in DC who stood to profit mightily from this war and that makes me sick to my stomach.

Much love,

-- Uber Pig