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Little Heroes

You may recognize the Lieutenant in the photo.  His daughter was being thanked by the Secretary of Defense:


Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates hands a coin to 6-year-old Sierra Redman at the Pentagon, Feb. 12, 2009. Sierra is the daughter of Navy Lt. Jason Redman, part of the Navy's elite Special Ops team, who took rounds from a machine-gun in his face and arm in Iraq last year. Redman was joined by his wife Erica; children Austin, Sierra and Aspen; Erica's mother Debbie Jeffries; his sister and brother-in-law Maj. Erin Kewin and Selby Kewin; and Lt. Jerry Weers, a family friend.
DoD photo by Cherie Cullen

In case you were wondering if you might have heard of Sierra's father before, Lt. Redman is the SEAL Officer who posted this note (published here in late 2007 but not viral until a few months ago when Michael Ledeen picked it up where the SecDef realized something important that some of us already knew).