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Does This Pass The Smell Test?

Given the way the MSM has covered the war in Iraq, I'm very suspicious of the validity of any story they publish. But this MSNBC story really seems over the top. It has so many "that just doesn't sound right" parts to it, I don't know where to start - how about those who've been in the sand box taking a look and rendering a knowledgeable analysis of the probability that any of it is true:

The American soldier stepped out of the Baghdad nightclub. In one hand, he clutched his weapon. In the other, a green can of Tuborg beer. He took a sip and walked over to two comrades, dressed as he was in camouflage and combat gear.

Inside the club Thursday night, U.S. soldiers of the 82nd Airborne Division ogled young Iraqi women who appeared to be prostitutes gyrating to Arabic pop music. A singer crooned soulfully through scratchy speakers to the raucous, pulsating beat — an action that Islamic extremists have deemed punishable by beheading.

Twenty minutes later, several drunk men coaxed an American soldier to dance. He awkwardly shuffled his feet, wearing night-vision equipment and a radio, joining the women and boisterous young men in an Arabic chain dance around tables covered with empty beer bottles.

Fire away.