Blackfive in DC

COB6 & Uncle J mistaken for "The Man"

The plans for global domination had COB6 and me in NYC for the past couple days meeting with media titans of very recognizable, but for now un-named flavors. In the course of this we were ambling through Times Square attempting to purchase beer for less than the $9 a bottle our hotel charged. We had just finished our day of infiltrating well-known buildings and convincing the inhabitants that they should join forces with us, and were rather nattily attired with COB6 looking very dignified in a charcoal gray Ralph Lauren rig, and myself sporting a blue, thin-striped Bill Blass get up. As we passed through the square a passel of young New York University types, think all black with black glasses, scarves and commie-looking hats, approached us. They were chattering and pointing as they neared and I caught the idea they were profiling us and blaming us for the collapse of the financial systems. One even clapped and said "well done gentlemen, good job". Needless to say we found this somewhat hilarious given our backgrounds and even our mission then to purchase the lowly hops beverage at a discount. We smiled and waved and continued on laughing at the silly young wankers. Side note, our efforts led us the low, low price of $14 a six pack. One good thing about NYC, no hangovers. I can't even afford to get drunk here.