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Robert Young Pelton went to Afghanistan and wrote a piece on Human Terrain Teams for Men's JournalOld Blue of Bill and Bob's Afgahnistan Adventure takes exception to RYP's writing.

So, if I were you, I'd read the Men's Journal piece first and read the back and forth between the Army and RYP (the comments on the article are priceless too - Does Ace's peeps read MJ?). 

Then, check in on Old Blue

Then, see what RYP describes on his blog/site as not caring about what bloggers think.

Should you feel inclined, send Men's Journal a note

Last, motivations are of interest here.

If you were an independent journalist trying to get an intelligence product company off the ground in, say, Afghanistan...and let's say for a minute that your PhD friend who "asked" you to come to Afghanistan is leaving the HTS teams?...

I don't know, but it might be perceived that the author is trying to sink HTS while building and marketing a competing product (fyi - there are no secrets in Kabul).  I'm no lawyer, but doesn't that seem to be a conflict of interest?

*kicking the dirt and whistling aimlessly*

Just wondering.