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Blackfive Ombudsman: Correction


As the Blackfive ombudsman, I must correct any inaccuracies that somehow sneak into these august web pages. In his recent entry "COB6 & UNCLE J MISTAKEN FOR "THE MAN," Uncle Jimbo incorrectly implied that COB6 is not "The Man." Confidential sources quickly emailed me to suggest otherwise. I have spent the last few hours investigating their claims. I am publishing it now:

1) You know all those bumper stickers that say "Skateboarding is not a crime?" Well guess what: It was COB6 who criminalized that !@#$ in the first place.

2) I have no less than 34 sworn affidavits from different people, who say they sold out to "The Man," and the person who handed them their cash had a high & tight, and identified himself as "COB6."

3) When you pay income tax to "The Man," your check is cashed by "COB6."

As you can see, all evidence indicates that COB6 is, in fact, "The Man." I apologize on behalf of Blackfive for any lingering confusion.


Uber Pig