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UN suspends aid to Gaza

The UN has halted aid shipments and other assistance into Gaza after several incidents where their convoys came under fire and they sustained casualties. They blame the Israelis, I am not so sure.

The decision came after a convoy of three U.N. vehicles was fired upon Thursday by Israeli forces during a mission to recover the body of a U.N. worker who had been killed in a previous Israeli attack, according to United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) spokesman Chris Gunness. He said three U.N. workers have been killed by Israeli fire and that aid will not resume until "the Israeli army can guarantee the safety and security of U.N. personnel."

In a separate incident Thursday morning, a humanitarian convoy came under small-arms fire shortly after it crossed into Gaza near the Erez crossing, leaving one Palestinian driver dead and two other people seriously wounded, U.N. officials said. They said the attack occurred just minutes after Israeli forces gave the United Nations assurances that it was safe to travel. Despite the assurances that the United Nations could safely escort the convoy, it came under fire about half a mile from the border, officials said.

Gunness accused Israel of "deliberately targeting" aid workers. He said the locations of U.N. facilities and the movements of its workers are communicated to the Israeli military.

If the UN reports are accurate you would have to believe that the Israelis are baiting the UN in and then ambushing them. This defies common sense as they could slaughter as many Gazans and UN workers as they wanted if that was their goal. They could have done so all along, and if so they could have disguised their efforts to make them look like the Palestinians had done them. It takes the same kind of mindless blame Israel first mentality you find in the UN, the left and too many nations around the world to believe this garbage. I don't doubt that some of the damage done to UN people and facilities has been caused by the IDF, but where were the UN folks while Hamas was firing from their property. And it seems as likely as not that some of the fire at the convoys was Hamas as well. Rule #1 if you are counting on the UN, you are screwed.

Hamas doing what Hamas does best, getting it's own people killed.