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Tim Kennedy - Someone You Should Know

    "There are some things in life risking your life over." - Tim Kennedy

Over at Five Ounces of Pain, U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Tim Kennedy is interviewed about his military career and his fighting career.  The interviewer, a civilian (so cut him slack), gets some details about Tim's service incorrect (was 7th SFGA).  Suffice it to say that Tim did SOF tours in "hostile" areas and was "injured".  OPSEC concerns prevent me from saying more.

Matt Larsen raises Tim Kennedy's hand after Kennedy won the All-Army combatives competition. Kennedy is the Army's only three-time champion. (U.S. Army)

In the end, if you're a mixed martial arts (MMA) fan, Tim Kennedy should be high on your list to watch and SUPPORT.  For those of you who haven't gotten into MMA fighting, get to know Tim by reading the interview.  You might be surprised at how interesting MMA really is and that there is definitely someone worth your support to cheer on.

For regular readers of, Tim Kennedy needs no introduction. For newer readers to the site, Kennedy is a member of the elite Army Rangers. In his spare time, he also pursued a career in mixed martial arts, accumulating a 9-2 record competing for promotions such as Extreme Challenge and the pre-Zuffa WEC.

In 2007, Kennedy received national exposure by challenging Jason “Mayhem” Miller in the co-main event of an HDNet Fights card in Dallas, Texas and then fighting again two and a half weeks later during the IFL’s World Grand Prix finals in Uncasville, Connecticut.

While 2007 ended in a big way, 2008 was a quiet year for Kennedy when it came to his fighting career. He was unable to take any fights because his primary employer, the United States Army, needed him for several important missions.

For the past several months, Tim has authored a blog on Five Ounces of Pain entitled “Letters from a Foreign Land.” In his blogs, Tim chronicled some of his experiences that he encountered while on some of his missions. Regular readers know that Kennedy and his unit were not on a peace keeping mission and that they encountered hostile forces on a regular basis.

We’re pleased to be able to let everyone know that Tim is now back home with his family. <...>

Tim discussed injuries sustained while deployed, the logistics in producing a blog for Five Ounces of Pain, what life was like on the battlefield, along with his plans for 2009....

So go here to meet Tim Kennedy, Someone You Should Know.

More here about Tim and on the Army decision about not allowing soldiers in commercial fights here at the Army Times.