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They Will -NEVER- Understand

APOLOGIES!  I updated the wrong post, my friends... in my rush to get an update out, I clicked on the wrong story.  Again, my most serious apologies...  Wolf

Its only Day 3 of a new CINC, but we are still learning about how badly the administration and what they represent has fallen off of reality.

Stars 'n' Stripes, the newspaper that writes for the troops (unofficially official) has a story out about the CinC ball that Pres. Obama attended on Inaugural Night:

Comedian George Lopez served as master of ceremonies, and promptly joked that one of Obama’s first orders of duty would be to end the "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy for gays in the military.

"So tonight, feel free to dance with anyone you like!" he quipped, drawing a mix of nervous chuckles and a few cheers.

But, they go on to describe the Presentation of the Colors:

But when he introduced the color guard to the presidential stage, the crowd erupted and cell phones and cameras were thrust into the air, lighting the room like a legion of fireflies.

Do you think there was a bit of a different crowd than expected in the room?  Talk about a joke falling flat- what did he expect- rousing cheers from the GLBT crowd in attendance?  I think the joke fell flatter than they characterize- they are being generous.

Next up, Prof Joe.  Oh yeah, the 'author' VP that was elected.  No, wait, only the President is an author:

Vice President Joe Biden warmed up the eager crowd, giving a rousing speech. Biden recently returned from a tour of the Middle East and Central Asia.
"I’ve been everywhere that you’ve been," he said, "… and I’ve been astounded. We’re the only [military] in the world that gives such incredible responsibility to two-stripers."

Biden also delivered the line of the night. Speaking via satellite with troops in Kirkuk, Iraq, he promised to make a return visit.

"Hopefully, by the time I get back, which will be pretty soon, we’ll bring a whole lot of you home."

I'm all for bringing them home.  But not before the job is done.  Anyone think that these guys totally don't get the culture?

How much more can we take of this?  And its DAY 3???