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In the Crosshairs- Eli Lake exclusives on Obama prisoner operations

The Deserter's Tale - Milbloggers deconstruct Joshua Key's lies

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When you have the LA Times proclaim...

Destined to become part of the literature of the Iraq War…a substantial contribution to history.

...about an anti-military book by uber-liar Joshua Key, you need the boys at This Ain't Hell (who are on fire) and other milblogs (like this excellent post from ROKDrop) to have a dose of truth.

BTW, the LA Times also said the Joshua Key "is believable."  I would add that it "is believable" only to those who need Joshua Key's lies to fit their own narrative of our military and the war in Iraq.

Those are the MUST READ links of the day (Bust Their Chops).

Update:  Here is a serious tribute to Joshua Key that YOU MUST WATCH.  WARNING:  I'm still have tears on my face from laughing so hard...seriously, I was good until the part about Kentucky Fried Chicken...I think this dude hit the bong a few times before doing this very special tribute. 

Write a memoir full of lies about your time in Iraq?  Check.

Have the press fawn all over you?  Check

Have a no-talent ass clown patchouli smelling hippie sing a ballad about your KFC experiences?