Harry Reid is a racist
A fair headline from the AP?

Tanks roll into Gaza

This is about to get ugly and the Gazans are going to suffer the retribution they have brought on themselves. As a human being I hate nothing more than war and the loss of lives about to happen disturbs me. As a warrior I understand that when you have an enemy that tries every day to kill your children, while running and hiding from you amongst his own, then he sows their destruction along with his. So be it.

Since there will be ignorant talk of root causes, cycles of violence and disproportionality I offer the best explanation of the conflict I could find. It is only 9:30 and it will take you through this conflict and should leave any rational person convinced of the righteousness of the cause of the Israelis. If you wish to argue that then refute the points made in this documentary with facts. If you wish to argue the efficacy of Israel's actions in moving the cause of peace forward, that is fair game. But spare me the lies and propaganda about Zionist oppression they are BS. Also read Michael Totten about The Law of Armed Conflict and the idea of proportionality as well.