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Some >Excellent< New Video

I'd like to introduce you to a new character that we'll be hearing more from in the future- Pierre Rehov.


Mr. Rehov is a recent immigre' to the US, coming by way of France (Paris, to be exact).  Mr Rehov contacted the Blackfive crew a few days ago, asking us to take a look at his videos.

To say we were impressed is an understatement...

He has a very good sense of videography, and has edited some of his material that he'd like to share with us.  I hope he shares a hell of a lot more, because it's good. 

But heck, we've all seen good video before, right?  We've met people from France.  But, a good videographer AND someone who's less than socialist, from France?

Hardly ever.  Take a look at this, his latest release:

When I first received his invitation, I thought ''here we go.  French videographer.  In Iraq.  Probably nothing more than body counts and White Phosphorus videos from Fallujah.''  I could not have been more wrong.  Mr. Rehov left France, as he tells me, because he ''could not take the politics anymore''.  So into NYC he goes, looking to make his mark.  He's certainly going to make one here.  He's barely scratched the surface of what he has shot.

He has been in Iraq as recently as last winter (one of VERY few French journalists embedded with the Coalition), and has even traveled throughout the Gaza strip shooting video for various outlets.  He tells of being abducted by militants, thrown to the ground with an AK to his head, and accused of being with the Mossad.  The only grace he had was showing them his French passport, which the militants immediately recognize and respect, then let him be.

I hope to post up/link up to some more of his stuff here soon.  Hopefully, we'll be able to help him on some trips into the region to report on perspectives we might not otherwise get.

Welcome, sir, to the US.  May you prosper well...