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Sec Def smack-talking about Russian planes

I never really pegged Gates as the mouthy type, but I don't know how else to take this.

The secretary said nonchalance was the best response to the Russian ship visits.

"In fact if it hadn't been for the events in Georgia in August, I probably would've tried to persuade the president to invite the Russian ships pay a port call in Miami because I think they would've had a lot better time than they did in Caracas," he said.

"But basically I think at 40-dollar (per barrel) oil, the Russian navy does not bother me very much," Gates added.

"It's important for us to keep perspective about their capabilities," he said.

"When they complained about our escorting their Blackjack bombers to Venezuela, I wanted to say that we just wanted to be along there for search and rescue if they needed it."

Bam, wonder what Pooty Poot thinks of that?