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Remaking the Republican Party

Perry De Havilland of the always readable and thinkable Samizdata has a piece about how to stop America's slide into Eurotrash. W has failed the country miserably by allowing Bailoutistan to happen on his watch. Republicans are supposed to be the party of fiscal restraint and small government. HA! He has let us down and worse he has made handouts to incompetent companies palatable to much of the electorate. Shame on him and shame on all the Republicans who joined the stampede right off the cliff. F**K GM, and Chrysler and especially the excremental, socialists of the UAW. Bush and the Republicans should have fought them at bayonet point if necessary. Instead they allowed the "crisis" created by fools who believed that they had a birthright to prosperity to scare them into throwing money into the fire. Well Bullshit on that. Prosperity must be earned and that requires hard work and success, not just the effort of showing up and doing the same thing you did yesterday. Create, innovate, dominate or die out like the dinosaurs.

Now the door to the treasury is wide open and the looters are lined up around the block. Obama can use this as an excuse to remake our economy with the state determining who will fail at what level. All rewards for competence and success have been eclipsed by the notion that any entity that gives a benighted "worker" a job is too important to fail. What a sorry state we have let them create. Well Perry says time for some house cleaning, and he is damn sure right. Government sucks and any expansion of it makes us weaker. Try to remember that.

2009 is going to be an interesting year, particularly in the USA. Big State Democrat Barack "The One" Obama crushed Big State Republican John "I Support the Bail Outs" McCain and this means the country is going to have a new president whose politics make him the most committed statist since LBJ. The country was given a choice between statism and statism and it voted for... statism.

Well to quote Mencken, the American electorate are going to get what they voted for good and hard, because this is also the year the global economy is truly going to crash, big time, plunging us into a recession and indeed a depression that will last longer and be driven deeper by the policies being implemented by governments on both sides of the Atlantic.

And this presents friends of liberty with a great many opportunities.

Never has there been a better time for cleaning house. The usual excuses given for pragmatic 'broad church' politics no longer apply on the so-called 'right'... no amount of unity will change the fact that regulatory tax-and-spend politicians will be in charge for the next few years regardless of what people of a classical liberal disposition do. And so I would strongly urge such people to get into politics like never before, not primarily to fight the statist left just yet, but to create opposition parties that are actually worth voting for.

In short, I am calling on anyone who believes in liberty and limited government to reject all thoughts of party unity and work tirelessly to drive the statist right from their parties.