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[Re]Introducing Military Motivator

Many of you have asked, "B5, please find out what happened to the Military Motivator site." 

So, I tracked down the proprietor who was recently promoted to a position where he could no longer maintain the site and abide by the rules of his organization.  He wanted you to know that he is very satisfied that so many of you liked and enjoyed the site.  He wishes he could continue it.

So, he offered to let Blackfive have the hundreds of military motivational posters and publish them here.  Soon, we'll start taking submissions of new "motivational" posters.  Of course, I'm partial to Airborne themed ones, but we'll take all comers. We'll figure out format and submission method in the near future.

In the meantime, we'll create a new category and begin posting the posters.  Some will touch your heart.  Others will make you laugh.  And some will have you nodding your head in agreement with the sentiment.

Thank you, Military Motivator, we hope to continue your good work.

I skimmed through a few hundred today to begin posting them.  This one stopped me in my tracks.

Here's the first: