General Petraeus on the Way forward in Afghanistan
Progressive twit beclowns himself

Propagandists at it again on CNN...

And they got squished....

Confederate Yankee has a GREAT PIECE up on this, and links to Little Green Footballs is worth noting.  Not since Fallujah have I seen such blatant propaganda being produced; worse, the MSM, again, is swallowing it whole and asking for seconds.

Unless the IDF has weaponized company-sized UAV's, I'm not certain how they could possibly even attempt this.  This looks like someone lobbed a grenade over the wall and did this; if you take into account that the pock marks are not 'fresh', then it happened quite some time ago.


To SOME credit, CNN has pulled this (for now) but it never should have gone up in the first place.  Guess the budget cutbacks have crippled the editing process?

Posting these pieces could be acceptable IF THEY WOULD PROPERLY IDENTIFY who and what was being done.  If they need footage that bad, they can account for blatant propaganda.

But to just post it and use it, as is, is completely lacking in integrity.

In Fallujah, I spent weeks trying to convince MSM people that footage they were running was HIGHLY suspect, and that it was blatant propaganda.  Seems they all want to run to the hospital and get the 'blood' footage.  Whether its real or not.

Mr Wolf