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Project Hero, Someone You Should Know and Taking Chance Home

How true to LtCol Strobl's story about taking LCpl Chance Phelps home is HBO's treatment. This, from Chance's mother in a comment to a story at Pundit Review concerning the movie:

Hello to all! I am Lcpl Chance R Phelps mother, Gretchen.

It took me almost 5 years to completely read the account, "Taking Chance" that LtCol Mike Strobl wrote about bring our son home…. Mike is a dear friend of our family now. I still have to read the account in bits & pieces, as high emotions keep me from reading it all at once…

We did see the movie for the first time in early Dec as a family, before it's release to the public. Absolutely gut-wrenching to watch, but HBO & director Ross Katz did an amazing job of sticking to LtCol's story, and the reality of what goes on behind the scenes in our military.

Without them our country would suffer greatly.

My hat is off to all of you who choose to defend all of us!

Semper Fi,
Forever a Marine Mom,
Gretchen Mack

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Update from Blackfive:  Gretchen also left a comment on our post about the upcoming HBO movie.  Just thought you should know that she appreciates your comments as well (btw, Chance's family raised a lot of money for binocs, body armor, scopes, etc for the Marines).

Hello to all!  Thanks for the great posts about my son, Lcpl Chance R Phelps USMC.
Thanks for your service, commitment, and dediction to our country also.  Our family appreciates & cares for every one of our military men, women & families. You all are living examples of this country's greatness!

Semper Fi,
Forever a Marine Mom,
Gretchen Mack