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Good Luck to President Obama

Obama's Impossible Expectations And A Request

Not since Jesus walked the earth have expectations of a figure been so high and so sure to disappoint those who spent their money on getting him there.

We here at Blackfive realize this and wish the best for our new President.  After all, he's got a lot of work to do, and one of his challenges is to win one very tough war  - I think we can agree that the other one is already pretty much done. 

Luckily, the new President has the Superbowl team in place to succeed at CENTCOM and throughout the military (CAC, etc.).  And, I think we also believe that he will realize that he needs to win, not just cut and run in order to satisfy his left wing constituents, but win to save our country from danger and evil.  [This of course will make us smile when the left freaks out on the new President.]  You don't need to look farther than his cabinet choices to realize that he never intended to veer that far left (all the way to the lunatic fringe).

But, one thing we's a simple thing.  A small gesture that will pay dividends in the future.  A gesture that will show that you respect the sacrifices made on your behalf.  And it's not an unreasonable expectation like the other ones placed upon you, Sir.

Please, Mr. President, for Crissakes, learn how to salute. 

(Senator Barack Obama salutes at a campaign rally in Oregon, May, 2008)

All of America will be watching you depart Marine Corps One on the lawn...hope you practiced.  If you get it right, we'll post it here. Of course, there are those that believe that you'll decline to salute at all - not a good choice either in a time of war.

Good luck, Sir.

~ Blackfive

Update: As promised, here's a photo from CNN that Mr. Wolf found of President Obama rendering a salute during the inaugural review. 


Not bad, Mr. President.  Not bad at all.