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Obama CIA pick- The lurch left begins

I will continue to attempt to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, but picking Leon Panetta to run the CIA is absolutely ludicrous. Since his left wing vetoed John Brennan for the crime of having served while W was President, even though he opposed most of the programs they hate, Obama has now picked someone they can't object to because he doesn't know a damn thing about intelligence. Panetta has no ties to any intel related activities beyond doing some accounting work on their budgets. He is absolutely unqualified to serve, but since he served as Clinton's Chief of Staff I guess Barry figures he will be able to sweep any unhelpful intel under the carpet.

The article has folks lauding his managerial skills. Well hey that's nice but this isn't an episode of "The Office" this is our national security. Panetta is a dependable Democrat hack and Obama has just showed he values that over our ability to know what is going on around the world. I would continue, but this is so fundamentally lame and sorry that it would be redundant. Leon Panetta? How long do you think Gates will last before he goes thump, thump, thump under the bus. This pick rates an F.

Michael Ledeen disconcurs saying loyalty in a completely disloyal agency is more important than spy knowledge. I hope he is right.