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NFL Dishonors Superbowl Color Guard

First Red Pill target of the day, and, alas, there is one more to come.

This morning, via Chuck Z I found the following at The Thunder Run.

What? The Super Bowl won’t let the military color guard stay and watch the big game? Yes you read that right. Was I skeptical? At first, but after I contacted the Tampa Bay host Committee through their official website and spoke to Katie Wagner, I was assured that yes in fact her email inbox is full of emails from upset Marine Mom’s all asking for an explanation. To Ms. Wagner’s credit, who by the way was extremely gracious during my questions the Host Committee has no control over game day decisions; that authority rests solely with the NFL.

Yep, you are reading that right: The NFL is treating the color guard in a way they likely wouldn't treat someone of negotiable virtue. We want to use you, then want you to leave immediately (bend, no lube, get out).

Since the NFL is showing its true levels of class, taste, and basic patriotism I wonder if there are 11 people who have tickets for the game who do have class, taste, and patriotism. Anyone out there willing to give up a seat so that a color guard member can stay? Drop me an e-mail and I will do what I can to make it happen.

One more red pill target that can be slagged to several meters of glowing glass coming up later, stand by.


UPDATE I: Any company who has a box and wants some quick and easy PR and Marketing points, feel free to contact me. I'll even donate time and services towards same if you do it.

UPDATE II: More from The Thunder Run. FWIIW, I agree with David...

UPDATE III: Just got a call from CJ, and good news is on the way. Standby. Check fire.

UPDATE IV: While I still think Patsfanin Philly was right about the spin from Goodell and the NFL and how this played out, the good news is that the NFL will make good. I still don't think they should have needed to be educated on this, but in the end, they will do right once again by the color/honor guard.