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NFL Color Guard's Super Bowl Attendence Causing Quite the Stir

NFL Color Guard's Super Bowl Attendence Causing Quite the Stir



From many of you I received numerous emails about the NFL and why they were giving them the boot after their Color Guard duties and were not going to be afforded the opportunity to watch the game.


y first motion was to email them with the other 1200 emails with a “what the hell” statement. However, every coin has two sides and I know the NFL takes care of the military among other great corporations.

Please take the time to read my email to them and the response I received from the NFL, then you will have all of the facts.

From: Major Pain [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, January 24, 2009 12:01 AM
To: Hunter, Joanna
Subject: Your point of view re: military and the Super Bowl

Ms Hunter-
After reading the initial news about color guards being escorted out of the Super Bowl, as a Marine of 4 deployments I was frustrated. However, I do know the NFL appreciates our military and thought I would dig a bit deeper. I read the piece below and thought I would contact you about the entire ordeal. I fully understand the Super Bowl and the economics that follow it. If you are to give those warriors a break and hook them up with some food and let them watch the game nearby, I'm sure they would appreciate it as it seems as the plan.

We wouldn't want you to give up an expensive seat because they did the color guard. We just want them taken care of and it seems that they will be. The NFL needs to use this as a positive and push details  and specifics on how the NFL takes care of the military volunteers and additional volunteers for the entire event. The NFL needs to have the "average joe" on their side, especially during these economic times. The "average joe" is the NFL and "joe" loves his military. Just don't have the fly over guys on the field and the colorgurad off in some warehouse. That would make "joe" mad and trust me, "Joe" will be watching for it.

Please feel free to comment.


Thanks for your note and feel free to post my response.
Since we had not heard about this directly from the military, we contacted our military liaison for the color guard immediately yesterday to discuss it. We are providing tickets and the members of the color guard (12 people) will watch the game in the stadium.
Our longstanding support of the military is a proud NFL tradition, including numerous NFL players and coaches traveling overseas with the USO to visit troops. Last summer, Commissioner Goodell, Drew Brees, and Osi Umenyiora went on a USO trip to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen.
Once again, thank you for your note and your service to our country.

Brian McCarthy
National Football League