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Making fun of Obama- It is possible

I think it is hilarious that comics are saying you can't make fun of Obama because he is too cool or perfect or whatever. Good Lord give me a break.

Joy Behar from the View takes the Obama is too perfect to mock view.

Chris Rock is too busy with a man crush to make fun of him.

Rock: It's like "Ooh, you're young and virile and you've got a beautiful wife and kids. You're the first African-American president." You know, what do you say?

Dipstick cartoonist Oliphant says: “I’m now trying to deal with the dilemma of liking the new guy.

Get serious. First of all he looks like Urkel, and second as I have noted since the first time he was shoved down our throats, he is a world class Cakeboy. Comics you are welcome, now get back to work and rank on the Obama.

Cakeboy- Sir Mix-a-Lot

He's in a yellow camaro, skin so smooth
A buttercup boy from the funny school
His hair's all nice and wavy
And mine is nappy so you call me crazy
And he's got them skin-tight spandex on
Straight cake to the bone
He'd cook a big meal like your mother would
A cake boy, up to no good......

He likes to roller-skate, skip rocks on lakes
The bourgeois girls want straight-up cake boys.....

Well Mad Magazine has gotten in the game.