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Illinois gets a good man for Governor

Governor Pat Quinn, who just replaced disgraced ex-governor Rod Blagojevich, is a good man.

I've met him only once, but I've dealt with his staff more than once on behalf of Illinois veterans.  In fact, staunch Republican voting Army Reserve and National Guardsman speak highly of him.  He's a legend for going above and beyond for our veterans. 

A few years ago, a LTC had a soldier who was evicted over Thanksgiving while he was deployed.  He called Pat Quinn and it was taken care of.  There are a thousand stories about our former Lt Governor.  As I said, I've only met him once, but a few months ago on my way home from work, I saw him trudging down Michigan Avenue in the cold rain and I yelled "Thanks for taking care of our vets, Pat!"  He shouted "thanks!" and kept walking.

I've said it before, Illinois is one of the best states for veterans benefits in the US.  And a big reason for that is Pat Quinn.  But you wouldn't know it because Rod Blagojevich and Tammy Duckworth tended to take credit for initiatives that Quinn's staff made happen...and Quinn was too honorable to get in the gutter with them.

He's not flashy, quite the opposite in fact.  He doesn't have a war chest so his chances for re-election are slim.

But for now, Illinois has a decent man at the helm.  Finally.

And he's a Democrat.

Update: TSO at This Ain't Hell recalls me talking about Pat Quinn in the past and links to an article about our new Governor's support of our troops.