Welcome home, brother...
Doc Boles

Happy Birthday Blackfive!

A little birdie has told me that today is Blackfive's Birthday. Alas, there is some sad news to share that I will put below the fold, as the truth is ugly and you are warned (author and site not responsible for the need for eye bleach or damage), but it is time to come clean with the truth about Blackfive.

You've all heard the stories about how certain celebutards have their photos extensively retouched. Reality is not a part of their advertising and related photography; but, well, they have nothing on our Blackfive. I left a major midwestern university to take over "shopping" duties here, both still and video, and Blackfive TV now has special effects equipment that Lucas Films now comes to us for work. To give you an example, here is the real photo of Blackfive at Blackwater:


Ugly doesn't begin to describe what we have to do to keep up appearances. There is even talk that we will be getting portable holo-generators soon and give the body double's liver a much needed break. Yet, you have to admit, that despite the fast and hard living; wine, beer, whiskey, and song; and, putting up with the rest of us here, he doesn't look too bad for 35...


To make up for all the hard time, and keeping in mind that he is married and we wouldn't want him to enjoy it too much, we found someone special who was even eager to give him his birthday spanking whipping...


Happy Birthday Blackfive!

NOTE: Photos found on the interweb thingy, and if they are yours I will either acknowledge or take down as you prefer.