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Good Luck to President Obama

I made this video about a month ago and repost it now as President Obama takes the reins of government. Unlike the left, I will not claim he is not my President, or his actions are taken not in my name. He was fairly elected, just like W, and as such he is the American President...period. I hope he does well because we all have a stake in this game. That does not mean I have to support policies that I disagree with. I consider myself part of the loyal opposition and if he puts forth bad ideas I will do just that and fight against them. But again without the bitter hate that has made the left such an embarrassment to themselves for most of the past 8 years.

I HOPE President Obama will faithfully prosecute the war in Afghanistan to a successful finish, although I am not sure what that might be. I HOPE his plan to spend the largest chunk of borrowed money ever to stimulate the economy does so, although I have huge concerns about the debt it will rack up and the liberal pipe dreams that will suck up far too much of it. I HOPE his personal popularity will translate into more of our so-called allies stepping up and pulling their weight on the international stage, although I don't think it will do him much good with our enemies (Iranians are already burning his picture). But most of all I HOPE that we can MoveOn past the bitter hate that has characterized our politics for too long and with far too little justification.  So Good Luck President Obama, America can be proud today. Tomorrow it's back to reality.