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Godspeed Roy Boehm - Legend, American Fighting Man, SEAL


Legendary 'First SEAL' passes away

Roy Boehm of Punta Gorda, a cantankerous retired U.S. Navy lieutenant commander who fought three wars, started the Navy's first SEAL team and shared his harrowing adventures --and his battles against military bureaucracy --in an autobiography, has completed his last mission.

Roy Boehm, who had struggled with health problems for many years, died at home Tuesday night. He was 84.

His widow, Susan Boehm, declined to be interviewed about her husband. In fact, she pleaded that no story be written.

Susan said she was trying to carry out her husband's last wish, that his death not be publicized.

He wanted no obituary, no funeral service and no fanfare over his death, Susan said.

"He just wanted to go in peace," she said...

Among warriors it is always a toss up...those who want to die with the last shot fired saving a village of women and children or to go in peace.

Roy Boehm, the first OIC of SEAL Team 2 fought in three wars - fighting off sharks for a day in the open ocean after his ship was sunk in WWII, participating in Inchon and Chosen in Korea, and multiple tours in Viet Nam.  You can read his autobiography "First SEAL."

No man deserved to go in peace more than LCDR Boehm.

Lieutenant Boehm, Republic of Viet Nam

God speed, Roy Boehm...