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Gaza fighting helps split Hamas & Fatah

Well don't you think those cunning Juice might have had that in mind all along?

RAMALLAH, West Bank, Dec. 31 -- Israel's assault on the Gaza Strip has exacerbated the deep divisions between Palestinians who want to make peace with Israel and those who support Hamas's militant struggle against the Jewish state....Fatah and Hamas have a basic disagreement over how to engage with Israel: Fatah supports negotiations leading to two states that exist side by side, while Hamas has never recognized Israel and advocates armed resistance.

It's too bad these groups haven't completely self-segregated so Israel could make peace with one group and isolate the other. I believe that they should focus on normalizing relations with Fatah and even creating a shadow state in the West Bank where Israel and the world community provide development aid and international observers ensure that none of the money goes toward terror. There is no military solution to this conflict and the only path leading out of the dead zone involves engaging with the reasonable members of Palestinian society and sidelining those who preach hate. Prosperity goes a long way as well.

In Ramallah, seat of power for the Fatah-run administration and one of the wealthiest cities in the West Bank, businessmen sip lattes in European-style cafes and car dealerships showcase gleaming new Mercedes-Benzes. In Gaza City, the home base of Hamas, donkeys sometimes outnumber cars because of fuel shortages and residents fight over their daily allocation of bread.

There is no shortcut to peace and maybe no path at all, but the only way to move the process at all requires a partner and Hamas is never going to fill that role, Fatah....maybe.