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David Frum, formerly of NRO, has a new project to build a New Majority. Sounds like a good and necessary thing. He also seems to have an ear for the experiences of the military and one of the contributors is someone I served with in 1st Group Okinawa. Pete Crittenden was well-established in Oki when I got there as a cherry right out of the Q-Course. We had a few beers together and like a lot of the experienced guys, he gave me a few tips and then went about his business. I caught up with him again when he recently retired and now can point you at some of his writing at the New Majority. He has plenty of experience to share, and yes he is a brother to Jules.

What can the TV medium tell us of the grit of the sand of the northern Sinai Desert, the dust that is in the air, the cold winter wind blowing off the Mediterranean? Even with HD, can we truly appreciate the texture of the naked cement, the smoke of burning trash, diesel fumes, the smells encountered on a packed bus?

Now add the mélange of war: cordite and spent explosives; the smell of pulverized cement; the deafening roar of modern firepower; diesel turbine engines; the sight, smell of blood and vaporized flesh; wailing and shouting; the stink of death.

Even if the medium was upgraded to be able to appreciate those sights and sounds and smells, we would still only see as much as is visible through the portal of a lens. Reports and photographic evidence exists of the Israeli military providing medical aid to Palestinians, even as the Israeli ground assault cuts the city in half.

This aspect of the conflict is for the most part absent from the news; missing too is the footage of Hamas mortars and rockets positioned in schools, religious buildings and hospitals.