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From Spilling Plasma to Owning One

The transition to FantasyLand

Did anyone else notice that on Friday Obama announced the largest public works program in history which would have our highly-efficient and ethically pure Congress and government spend Bazillions of dollars.

Did you notice on Sunday, with a completely straight face, he said that Pork politics was dead. Seriously he said it. It is heartening to hear such pure unadulterated bullshit. Our Parliament of Hoors and the Democratic machine, and especially Obama's buddies from the Chicago machine are already salivating at the big contracts they will be raking in. Pure as driven snow, they be.

The WaPo has an unintentionally funny headline. Sudan's leaders brace for US shift. Obama team seen as tough on Darfur. Heh, tell that to the Rwandans or the Muslims slaughtered in Bosnia as this same tough foreign policy team fiddled. What Sudan's leaders need to do is get their grievances together and be asking for handouts in return for agreements they know they won't honor.

The Obama Support Squad, previously known as the mainstream media, continues to crater prompting one of it's civic-minded, but jobless practitioners to ask for a dinosaur media bailout. HA! Suck it buddy, you and your friends sold your credibility long ago and them chickens have come a-roosting.

The fun things is that even with all this wishful thinking, the left is angry that no red meat has been thrown their way.