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Spiritual Warfare - A Favor To Ask Of You

A few hundred times, I've posted "Via Seamus" or "Via Corporal Seamus" as the intro to the post.  And a few times, some of you ask me "Who is this Seamus?".  Out of respect for his privacy, I haven't responded.

Jim "Seamus" Garrahy was a Corporal of Marines decades ago.  He is one of the most connected Marines I've ever known and I am honored to have become a friend of his.  Over the last two decades, Seamus has opened his home up to Marines and Young Marines.  I know that some of you have been there during battlefield walks.

Seamus and I have teamed up on many issues - mostly about Marines.  And through his contacts and through military blogs, we have done some amazing things.  I cannot say enough about this gentleman.  Without Seamus, we would not have been able to do as much as we have.

Last month, Seamus was headed to North Carolina to speak at the USMC Birthday Ball.  He developed gangrene in his leg from a strep infection and was taken to the emergency room at Craven Regional Medical Center.  There he underwent surgery to remove the infected tissue and spent two weeks in their ICU.  He was moved a week ago to UNC hospital in Chapel Hill, NC where he awaits skin grafts to cover his leg from knee to ankle. If things go well he will be there for two months.  The doctors are trying to get his leg prepared for the grafting as well as take care of some other health issues which have come about due to the infection being throughout his body.

Since the environment is "clean", I can't send pretty flowers or cigars wrapped with the Army logo on them.  But we can send cards.

If you would like to send Seamus a get well card with support and encouragement, send me a email with the subject line as SEAMUS and I'll send you his hospital address.  If you are a current, retired or former Marine, I am positive that Seamus would love to hear from you.

If you can, say a prayer for Seamus Garrahy.  He's said more than his fair share for our military and has never asked for anything in return.