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Interrogator trashes everyone but himself

Silver, Gold, Platinum? Not good enough for Obamas

I wish I didn't give a crap about this, but the hypocrisy makes me want to yak!

Michelle Obama is to receive this £20,000 thank you from her husband for her support during the election.

The Harmony ring is made of rhodium - the world's most expensive metal --and encrusted with diamonds. It is being hastily made by Italian designer Giovanni Bosco in time for January's inauguration ceremony.

Only about 25 tons of rhodium are mined each year, mostly in South Africa, and as a result its price is typically around £5,000 an ounce.

Because being proud of your country for the first time in your adult life requires the very best the Earth has to offer as tribute.

Rhodium has been used for honours, or to symbolize wealth, when more commonly used metals such as silver, gold, or platinum are deemed insufficient.

As they well should be considered, I mean this is the First lady of Earth FFS! I among many eagerly await the progressive representatives of the poor, down-trodden masses of South Side Chicago who will now be leading us.